Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

Today's bloodwork & ultrasound were great. What a relief. After using the progesterone suppositories for one & a half days, my p4 level rose to 15.5, which is right on target.

As of this morning, Blobby was measuring 12.6mm and the heart rate was 158bpm, which is also right on target.

Just thinking about what could have happened if I had not thought to monitor my progesterone level makes me shudder. The good thing about infertility is that it makes you educate yourself on hormone levels and how your body is supposed to react at different stages of your cycle.

Now the tricky part is going to be keeping this pregnancy a secret, when all I want to do is shout it from the rooftops. We've already told our immediate family: my parents, DH's aunt, uncle, and cousins, and my SIL, given how supportive they all were while we were going through the IVF process. And of course, all of my fantastic online friends know, and my medical practitioners, including my acupuncturist, know. The problem is that DH and I promised each other that we wouldn't tell anyone else until we got to 12 weeks. This is going to be hard! No wonder so many women announce their pregnancies so early- it's nearly impossible not to tell.

Not to mention how bloated I am. I already look like I have a significant baby belly, thanks to all the meds. I don't even know what I am going to look like in a month. Hiding my belly is going to be quite tricky. Yes, this is going to be a challenge. It's a good thing that my hips are not proportional to my waist, so all of my pants have larger waists than I need. Trust me, I'll be needing them very soon.


Baby Steps to Baby Shoes said...

Yay for great numbers! Maybe you could compromise to 10 weeks? I feel so surreptitious since I am in on the secret.

Yodasmistress said...

So glad to hear the u/s showed good news!

Babe* said...

I'm very glad to see that your P4 levels are back where they should be.

Good luck on keeping the "secret". I guess you can always blame the bloat and slight weight gain on the holidays.

JKH said...

YAY for good p4 numbers!!!! And YAY for little blobby being right on track!!

I know what you mean about it being so hard to keep it a secret. When I was pregnant I wanted to tell everyone...even the lady at the super market. But like you, we just told our immediate family and close friends. It was so hard though! GL keeping it a secret!!!

Anonymous said...

Sooo glad you got good news yesterday! We debated for a long time how long to keep ours a secret. I was thinking 12 weeks, DH was thinking noon. We could not hold out! Blobby's lookin' good, and I'm loving your're such a natural!


SIL said...

Even though I'm in on the secret, I really never had a great understanding of everything you've gone through. Your blog is fantastic and so is the incredible strength and tenacity you've shown over the last several years.

I will always be here for you and be a proud and loving aunt to blobby!

Daisy said...

It's beautiful!