Monday, October 29, 2007

Chapter Fifteen: With a Little Help From My Friends

One thing I haven't talked about yet is the wonderful support I had been (and still am) receiving from my friends in the online infertile community. For more than a year I have known many of these women who have been there for me during my most hopeless days. I am so grateful for so many of the friendships I have made.

When I would have a totally craptastic day, I could post about it and I knew that the IF girls would completely understand what I was going through. It has meant so much to me and I will always love these girls.

There's something about struggling with infertility that has brought so many different women together. These are women with very different backgrounds who live all over the globe, and who, other than sharing a history of IF, may have very little in common with me; and yet they have embraced me and shared with me their wisdom and empathy and friendship.

To all the IF-ers, I love you all dearly! ((hugs))

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Yodasmistress said...

You've been a great source of support for all of us too! Big hugs darlin!