Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chapter Five: Come Together

The day had come. I had gotten my HcG trigger shot the previous morning, and now we were ready for my IUI. DH & I got to the clinic early so he could do his part. After a leisurely breakfast at Sarge's Deli, we returned to the clinic for my insemination. After verifying that the contents of the little tube did indeed belong to my husband, I was able to see the results of the semen analysis. Stellar, as always. While I'm always so happy to see that my DH's sperm are of good quality, it often puts more of the blame for our troubles conceiving on me.

I was really nervous the first time I did my insemination. It involved stirrups and speculae, two things that I never enjoyed. This time it also involved a long catheter, through which my husbands sperm would be sent directly into my uterus. The procedure was very uncomfortable and caused a lot of cramping, but after 20 minutes of relaxing, I could leave.

Now there was nothing stopping his sperm and my egg(s) from meeting. Before IUI, you never knew if those little swimmers could get to where they needed to be. Now, there was nothing stopping them. So we thought.

After the IUI we hung out in the city for the remainder of the day. We went to see The U.S. vs. John Lennon and then walked through Strawberry Fields in Central Park. I thought that would bring me good vibes for conception. I was so hopeful that cycle. My first IUI with injectables just had to work.

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