Sunday, October 28, 2007

Chapter Ten: Tell Me Why

I spoke to my RE to see if she could offer some explanation for why, despite having the surgery and going through more ARTs, I still wasn't getting pregnant. She seemed to think that the remaining scar tissue could still be causing a problem. Even though she lased as many adhesions as she could during the laparoscopy, surgeons are never able to make it perfect. While I was better than before, I still had 'crappy tubes'. Fantastic!

After a long discussion with DH, we decided that trying IVF was worth a shot. My doctor didn't think I had any egg issues, like poor quality or low reserve. My BBT charts and bloodwork had always suggested that I had plenty of eggs left, and there was no evidence that they were of poor quality. For women with decent eggs but nowhere for them to go, IVF is usually the next step.

So we scheduled an appointment to meet with my RE for an IVF consultation. This was certainly a direction we never thought we'd go. But yet here we were. We discussed the procedure, all the various medications I'd be on and the increased dosages, how I had to follow a very specific protocol, and how my chances for becoming pregnant would be about 50%. The goal was to retrieve about 12 eggs and get three good embryos to transfer; the rest could be frozen for later use. It all sounded so simple and very promising.

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