Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mean Mr. Mustard

I'm really starting to get fed up with inconsiderate people. At work, while driving, in the doctor's office... doesn't matter- they're everywhere, and it's pissing me the fuck off.

Could be that I'm ultra sensitive to it lately, but it just seems like it happens much more often. Or maybe because I am a much happier person and much more laid back and patient about life, and I like being that way. Why can't everyone be? I don't know. But in the past two days I was just angered way beyond what I could tolerate.

First, yesterday morning I had an acupuncture appointment. It's a good 1/2 hour away without traffic and I am very careful to arrive promptly. Usually I am the first appointment of the morning, but yesterday there was another name on the sign-in sheet before me. My acupuncturist wasn't sitting behind the desk when I arrived, so I figured she was finishing up with her last patient. I went to the restroom and when I came back, my acupuncturist was sitting there so I knew she was finished. I guessed that we were waiting for the previous client to exit the treatment room. So I waited. And waited. How freakin long does it take for someone to put on their shoes, pull down their pants legs, grab their belongings and leave the room, for god's sakes? I'll tell you. It was a good 10 minutes (now making it 15 minutes past my appointment time). Finally this woman comes out into the waiting room and made a joke about how long it took her to leave. Turns out, she took a call on her mobile phone. Are you freaking kidding me? Does the thought cross her mind for a second that someone might need the room? Pissed me off! Not the aggravation I needed right before I'm about to get an acupuncture treatment. Needless to say I did not enjoy it as much as I normally do. I left with a stiff neck and back and a general feeling about how people can be assholes. Not a good way to start off the day.

Then at work, one of my coworkers pissed me off with her inconsiderate behavior. She sent an email out asking when everyone would like to go to lunch. This is something we've done every day since the beginning of time, since we need to have phone coverage at all times. Since we each work different hours each day, one day I might want to go to lunch earlier or later depending on my hours. So I responded with my time choices. WELL, at 3pm when I was supposed to go to lunch, she just LEAVES without a word. Takes my lunch time without saying anything to me. In the almost 3 years I have worked here this has never happened. She is a new coworker and has annoyed me from the first day she started working here, about 4 months ago. Maybe I'm being particularly hard on her since I don't care for her very much. All I can say is no matter what my personal feelings about her might be, I've always been a considerate coworker. There's no excuse for not being one.

Then this morning, during my miserable, rainy commute, this asshole cuts me off and almost hits my car, just because he doesn't want to wait for me to pass before he cuts across two lanes to make his exit. And there was NO ONE BEHIND ME! That really gets me. I'm nervous enough driving in bad weather as it is, with Blobby depending on me for his/her safety, without some schmuck thinking he should have the right of way because he wants it. Boy did I sit on my horn and curse him out (and then apologized to Blobby for my bad language). Not that he cared, because he was off on his way.

Probably the most annoying example of inconsideration is when I hear certain stories about my friends' doctors. I can't believe the nerve of some of them! One of my friends went for her '6 week' ultrasound on Friday to see if her post-IVF embryo had a heartbeat. The doctor could not find one. He scheduled her for a D&E. She and her DH spent the entire weekend devastated because they believed that their last chance at having a child had ended. I cannot imagine TTC for 10+ years, trying all sorts of ARTs, knowing that IVF is your last chance to conceive, and having it end this way.

Thankfully, she works at an OB-GYN's office and asked a coworker to do a quick ultrasound. And there was a heartbeat!! I really needed to hear this news, especially after Nat's devastating stillbirth almost 2 weeks ago. And even more thankfully, she continued with her PIO shots through the weekend hoping for a miracle, and she got it. Her doctor should be shot for giving up so easily (and for getting the dates wrong and underestimating her embryo's progress). So many doctors need to take some bedside manner classes.

I'm so happy to end this post on a good note. Our IF community really needed this.


Fertilized said...

oh wow i am so glad to hear the good news about your friend! that is wild

Freyja said...


Kenna said...

So I came across your blog and have been reading and I am captivated. I just started my own blog to focus on my infertility journey and you have inspired me more!

I'll be checking back! Sending positive thoughts your way.

Barb said...

Holy shit! I can't believe he so easily scheduled a D&C for a viable pregnancy!!! ACK!

All those are VERY good examples of annoying assholes. It's not just you. ;-)

WaterBishop said...

Assholes abound.
Sorry they are so prevalent around you lately.


Sheri- I am so sorry that the asshole mobile has made its stop in your town- hopefully it moves on quickly- you don't need this extra crap in your life now or ever! (Sorry Blobby for the nasty words if Mom was reading this out loud- unfortunately you will learn that grown ups sometimes say things that they shouldn't around little ones- but these needed to be said)
Hope you are feeling well- I am glad, VERY GLAD that things worked out the way they did for your friend- Keeping you all in my thoughts- hang in there- sending lots of love!

Geohde said...

Why is it that all the assholes seem to come out on the one day??



Hey Sheri- just dropping by to see how you and blobby are doing- a little over 2 months to go- almost time to meet the little one- to see if he is a he or a she- think of you often- know that you are busy, just wanted you to know that you were being thought of today- hope you are feeling well- sending you lots of love and happy thoughts!