Monday, May 12, 2008


This past Saturday was my baby shower. It was the most beautiful shower I've ever been to- not that I've been to so many- and I'm trying not to be biased. It was thrown by my mother, DH's aunt, and my SIL and I must give them so much credit for all the work they did to plan it. And what made it even better is that I could tell how much joy it gave them to do all the work to make it a beautiful, special day for me. And it was.

When everyone walked in, there was a gorgeous baby book on the table (I learned later that it was handmade by one of my aunt's friends). Everyone was to fill in little cards with advice or words of wisdom and love.

My aunt had prepared a fantastic slideshow that was running all day. It consisted of photos of me as a baby and young child, then of DH at the same ages, then of us together, and some of Blobby too. Quite humiliating though, were the close up shots of my growing belly, which were intended just for my close family to see. Oh well, I guess a pregnant woman's belly is seldom private. But the best part was the soundtrack. You guessed it- the Beatles. :-)

Now the tables. The centerpieces were some type of flowering plant; the closest match I could find would be the Exacum, which has little purple flowers. Around each centerpiece, they had placed various baby and children's books such as Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and (my personal favorite) Everyone Poops. Of course, I got to keep all of the books to read to Blobby. The favors were a beautiful smelling soap and a leather baby moccasin containing a little bag of pink and blue m&ms. The moccasins are going to be donated to a women's shelter.

The first activity was a burp cloth decorating contest. Everyone was given the opportunity to paint plain, white burp cloths with fabric paint. The guests were also provided with an apron that said 'Sheri's Baby Shower' on it and could also be taken home. I was to judge which two cloths were my favorites and the winners got a prize.

The second activity was in no way meant to humiliate me, but it was a little embarrassing! I had to walk around and model my baby belly and everyone had to guess the circumference. Then my SIL measured me and the winner got a prize. In case anyone cares, it was 44 inches.

Then we played a couple of rounds of Baby Bingo. Of course, there was also lots of food and delicious dessert.

The most significant part of the day was my speech. I had planned on talking about infertility and 'coming out' to those who didn't know how I got pregnant in the first place. I was so afraid I'd chicken out, but I prepared a very emotional speech and did have the balls to deliver it, although as I was shaking and trying to fight back the tears. I talked about how Mother's Day is a very difficult day for those struggling to become mothers, and how I was so lucky because my medical intervention worked but it doesn't work for everyone, and how Blobby is very special because heesh is the lone survivor out of 18 embryos. I also mentioned those people in our families who have passed and who, I feel, have been looking out for Blobby and me. I talked about Tricia and how she has been my baby's guardian angel and I thanked her. Looking around the room, I observed many tears. I probably produced more than everyone put together.

Lastly, it was time to open gifts. I was rushed because we only had 20 minutes or so. We got such beautiful things. It's very much a blur, but I loved everything. And what's more, I felt very loved.

I will add pictures as I get them. For now, try to imagine the most beautiful day ever. Because that's how I felt. It was a fantastic way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my baby that came close to never being.


Fertilized said...

Ok I'm in tears! That sounds like a lovely day. Just perfect. Can't wait to see pictures! I commend you for the speech. I have my shower Saturday and I'm afraid just being there is going to cause me to be an emotional wreck

SIL said...

The flowers were african violets! It was both a joy and an honor to plan the day and I am beyond thrilled that you enjoyed it so much. Blobby is such a blessing and miracle for the entire family and you, Jon and the little bundle of joy are loved more than you'll ever know!


Barb said...

Wow. That sounds just wonderful and perfect. I'm so glad.

Baby Step said...

Oh...I am in tears also. I am glad you were able to give your speech. And I am so happy for you. You deserve all of this. Truly.

Allison said...

Just lovely. Just like you.

Lizzybo said...

It sounds wonderful! You really deserved such a great shower. I wish I could have been there.


Your shower sounds like it was amazing- precious and beautiful all around!

Thank you for tagging me, I needed that- I am being honest!

And last but not least, Blobby is beautiful- I think I know what hir is- I think that term will catch on- it works! So June 6th is the day- we'll see if eyes really do tell a story or not, or in other words, we'll see if I am right- but I'm not going to say anything until after you announce Blobby's official entrance into the world- I know you will do so with the perfect Beatle's song- because that is you ;) Thinking of you often and sending you all tons of love and hugs and counting down the days until we officially get to meet the little one. Take Care!

kenna said...

I'm glad it was such a wonderful day.

Freyja said...

Sounds lovely Sheri!


Well, today is Sunday June 8th and your c-sect was scheduled 2 days ago- just checking in to see what the verdict was on hir.....and to see how you are doing. Hope that everything went well and that Mom and baby are feeling well- thinking of you everyday this past week- take care- hope to see something soon- will check at LP to see if something is posted there- yes, I am persistent. Watched 'Across the Universe' last night and thought- oh I wonder if Sheri has had the baby yet and what Beatles song she is using for the announcement- sending you tons and tons of love-Sara <3 <3 <3 <3


Just dropping in to say "hi"

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