Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You'll Be Mine

It's starting to sink in that in 6 or 7 weeks, we'll actually get a baby out of this deal. I don't know quite what it was, but my mind wasn't letting myself believe it for a while. I just kept thinking that something would go wrong. And yet, as the weeks progress, so does Blobby, and it's really turning into something real.

I had another ultrasound appointment today. The good news is that Blobby is still measuring beautifully on target and everything looks good. The placental calcifications looked to the doctor to be slightly worse but not causing enough concern that she'd want me to return for weekly monitoring. And the two fibroids that I have couldn't be located, which is a great sign that they're not interfering with anything. Blobby was very active and we saw his/her hand in his/her mouth, the mouth opening and closing, the eyes and nose, the little fingers and toes. It's quite amazing to see our baby in such detail. The approximate weight is now 4 & 1/2 pounds, which means that if something were to happen and Blobby would be prematurely born, the chances of survival are very good.

I also had a follow-up at my OB. Urine glucose & protein levels were normal, blood pressure was normal at 110/70, and I gained another 4 pounds in 3 weeks for a total of 19 pounds. Also my doctor isn't too concerned about the excessive swelling in my feet and ankles that I had last week. Right now it seems to be much better, so as long as I'm not experiencing any other symptoms of pre-eclampsia, it's all within the normal limits of being pregnant.

I have to say I'm also a bit overwhelmed with some other issues at home. Our 'new' apartment still isn't completely renovated yet and we have only about 6 weeks to be completely moved in. I'm getting VERY stressed about it. DH tells me not to worry- it'll all get done; but it's hard not to worry when I'd like to be living there and settled in before the baby comes. Also, the longer we go, the less I'll be able to do to get the apartment ready.

Another huge source of stress is the fact that DH has to go upstate for a class the weekend of June 7th, which is exactly one week before my due date, and therefore around the time my doctor would want to schedule my C-section. This means that either DH will not be home when I am released from the hospital, or he won't be home for the 2nd and third day that Blobby and I are in the hospital, since my doctor only schedules surgery on Wednesdays and Fridays. I asked about waiting until the following week but my doctor is very concerned that it would be too close to my due date and would therefore be too much of a risk that I would go into spontaneous labor, putting me at a huge risk for uterine rupture and even pregnancy loss. She said she's seen the end result of those and doesn't want to risk it. I would tend to agree. So yes, another thing to worry about. While the timing in general for Blobby's birth is fantastic since DH will be home for the summer, the specific timing issues are causing me a lot of stress. I know DH would want to be there as much as possible, but if he misses this class he would have to repeat it and that would suck.

So I'm having a much better week so far. Feet are only slightly puffy; heartburn is manageable; abdominal discomfort is much less. If every week could be like this one, I'd be a much happier woman. Still, so happy to be pregnant with a thriving baby who is kicking and punching and causing my entire belly to move in waves. This is the stuff I live for. And in a matter of weeks, Blobby will be here, in my arms.


WaterBishop said...

I can't believe how close it is! I am glad to hear you are doing well lately. Almost there.
I hope the timing works out with DH's class. Good luck.

Baby Step said...

I am sorry you have those extra stressors but it sounds like you are really enjoying your pregnancy, which is fantastic. Almost there!

Barb said...

YAY for the good stuff, BOO for the bad stuff and CUTE for the baby stuff. :)


Wow! I haven't been on my blog forever- I lost track of time- I can't believe that in just a few more weeks Blobby will be a him or her- well ok, I know that he/she is already one or the other, but you know what I mean, we will all know which one Blobby is :) I am so glad that you are feeling well! Can't wait to see those beautiful pics of Blobby in your arms and to find out a name! Keeping you in my constant thoughts- sending you tons of love and hugs!