Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm Only Sleeping

NOT! I happen to be enjoying one of my insomniac nights at the moment. It's not that I'm not tired; it's that I am finding it harder and harder to get comfortable, and the heartburn and acid reflux has been really bad tonight. I had been asleep a whole 45 minutes when I was suddenly awakened at about 1:15am by the feeling that I was choking on acid reflux. And of course since then the heartburn has been horrible. I can't sleep sitting up and I'm afraid that if I lay back down I'll start to choke again. So that fear happens to be keeping me up.

The good news is that my horrifically swollen feet and ankles are so much better than they were last week. Here is a pic of what my almost normal feet looked like a couple of days ago. I was off work last week and made sure that I rested a lot and kept my feet elevated for much of the time. Pardon the lack of pedicured toes.

Here's what my feet looked like the previous week. They had gotten so swollen that they actually hurt from the skin being stretched so much. I hope once the hot weather comes back that they don't get this bad again. DH called them Shrek feet. Thanks hun, but I haven't turned green yet.
And on another good note, I hadn't mentioned in my last entry that my coworkers surprised me with a baby shower! It really was a surprise. They created this ruse in which we were supposed to have a teleconference on Friday after work (wouldn't be the first time) with our big boss in Chicago. Now this guy is the epitome of a workaholic and thinks nothing of keeping us late on a Friday night for training. So we all gathered in the conference room and made the call to Chicago. The big boss answered and things seemed to be going normally until one of my coworkers interrupted him (and I'm thinking, boy does she have a huge set of balls!) and told him that his voice sounded very hoarse and it probably wouldn't be a good idea to continue with the meeting. I'm thinking, yeah right- this guy has never let anything get in the way of a good training session. But he agreed that his voice was still bothering him from a conference he had given a couple of weeks earlier and that he should just stop the meeting and instead wish ME congratulations on my expected baby. I'm still thinking, this has got to be a joke- he would NEVER decide to cancel a meeting, but I thanked him and fully expected for him to continue on with the meeting. Then he suggested that instead of the meeting, that we should all have a party. There is no way those words just escaped his mouth. So everyone agrees and stands up and says, 'let's go have a party!' They usher me into the break room, where it had been beautifully decorated with pink and blue tablecloths, balloon centerpieces on each table, platters of noshy food and candy, and big baby-themed banners. I was so moved by it all. I still couldn't believe that the night had been reserved for me instead of a teleconference that I had been dreading all week (especially considering my ugly, painfully swollen feet and how exhausted I had been). It was really lovely and I couldn't get over that my workaholic head honcho boss wanted to be in on the surprise. Everyone really worked so hard to plan and execute the shower and I really appreciated what everyone did.
It's still so hard to believe that I'm even in a position to be the guest of honor at a baby shower. It's almost like a dream. That is, if I could get some freakin sleep.


Fertilized said...

Sleep - what is that?

I think I am on the same non sleeping schedule as you decribe.

I hope the swelloing goes away quickly. That just looks miserable

Barb said...

Oh my goodness, your poor little FOOTS! That must be SO awful. I'm glad it's come down some.

I would have cried if that was sprung on me... probably really hard. haha Sounds great!

Baby Step said...

Yikes your poor tootsies! I am glad they feel better, and they certainly look better! What wonderful co-workers you have!

Karen said...

Ouch! Your feet look like they hurt. I'm glad the swelling has gone down. Your shower sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you had that experience. I hope sleep finds you soon,

Natalie said...

Holy moly, your poor feet!! I'm glad it's going down, that looks just miserable!

tickintime said...


I'm glad things are looking a little better.

Hopefully you will be able to hibernate like a bear soon.

Lizzybo said...

Wishing you some good sleep and wonderful days ahead. It is amazing, every day of this, isn't it?

By the way, I'm tagging you and hoping you'll answer a few questions. :) Check my blog to know more.