Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Fool on the Hill

I admit it: I'm a pregnancy newbie. I feel like such a moron sometimes because I really don't know anything about anything. As well-versed as I've become with infertility lingo, I find myself stammering when it comes to talking about this pregnancy.

Which is why I am relying so much on my doctor to tell me what is going on. In plain English. Like she's speaking to a 5 year-old.

Today, at 9 weeks, 3 days, I had my first appointment with a real OB-GYN. Not an infertility specialist, but where 'normal' women go when they get knocked up. It was very strange, being there for the first time for my first pregnancy check-up. I was hoping that she could provide the same kind of attention that my IVF clinic had. Most of all, I was terribly nervous that my Little Embryo that Could would stop could-ing.

Not knowing what to expect for my first OB appointment, I felt like an idiot. It was like my first visit to the 'girl parts doctor'. I was shaking and sweating and praying to Whoever Is In Charge Of This that everything would be ok. I was hoping that I would get to have another ultrasound for a few more weeks of peace of mind.

First, the nurse weighed me and measured my blood pressure. Surprisingly, I hadn't gained any weight. Probably has something to do with my food aversions and nausea. I'm sure that my weight is being distributed differently though. I have quite the belly pooch now.

Then the doctor came in and we went over some stuff. I made her aware of the progesterone scare I had a couple of weeks ago, and that this was the lone embryo out of 18 so I am still so nervous about this one not developing properly. I told her about the two fibroids that were seen during my first ultrasound at the IVF clinic. She assured me that fibroids do not grow that quickly and that I shouldn't worry that they're going to get too big.

She did a pelvic exam and took a cervical culture. It wasn't so bad. One thing I can say about this doctor is that she is very gentle. She said everything felt completely normal. That was good.
I asked her about getting another ultrasound. She said that she would be referring me to the Maternal Fetal specialist at the hospital, since I am more of a high-risk case. Which is fine, because I certainly want to be monitored more often, and by someone who specializes in high-risk pregnancies. But I also wanted another ultrasound today. I don't know how I managed to get her to offer to do one, but she rolled in the little cart and did a quick scan. The resolution on this equipment wasn't as good as the type that was used to at the IVF clinic, but it was really all I needed to get an idea that Blobby is still growing. We saw the heartbeat and Blobby is measuring 2.5 cm, which is about twice the size it was less than 2 weeks ago. The doctor told me that this size corresponded to 8 weeks gestation, but I looked here, and according to this table, we're right on track!

So, I feel much better about things today. I still feel like a worrying fool who has no idea what she's doing; but with any luck, in a few months I'll be worrying about our new baby.


Yodasmistress said...

I am just delighted to hear that your little fetus is devloping right on schedule!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! I'm happy to hear that blobby is doing everything he/she is supposed to. I for one can't wait to see your belly pooch (if you'll share that is)!

Can't wait to see you next week.

Baby Step said...

Good for you for asking for another u/s and getting it! I am all for asking for whatever we need to feel more comfortable/have peace of mind. I am on a rampage to get progesterone supplements if (when?!?!) I get preggo because I am convinced I have LPD. My IVF doctor says I won't need it because if I get preggo, I will be producing enough on my own. But I don't care what he thinks. I want the stuff, and I am going to get it!

Melissa said...

Glad to see everything progressing normally! Seeing as I've been around my sister's pregnancies, I know all about pregnancy and IF. But that still doesn't have me prepared for what I'll be going through when I finally do get PG.

I look forward to reading more cheerful updates! :D


Karen said...

I'm so glad to hear that Blobby is doing well. As for being a worrying fool, I imagine that many first time moms are and most IFers must be. Worrying about something you worked so hard to get has got to be normal.

Wendy said...

I loved hearing the heartbeat!!