Monday, January 28, 2008

Magical Mystery Tour

On Friday, January 25, we had our level 2 ultrasound. I was so nervous about it because of the Choroid Plexus cyst and enlarged kidney that was seen on the 16-week ultrasound 4 weeks ago. Not to mention that what they saw on the level 2 would determine whether we were going to go ahead with the amnio that day.

The weirdest part about the entire visit was what I learned in the first five minutes. The tech had just started to look for the baby on the screen and she confirmed with us that we did not want to find out the baby's gender. I was worried that she would be looking at sex organs that day so I wanted to know ahead of time so I could look away. I asked her if she would be and she replied, 'oh, I already know.' I asked her, just from looking at the baby right now? And she replied, 'no, I knew from the last time.' OMG. The u/s technician and my doctor have both known whether our baby is a boy or a girl for four weeks! It was a very strange feeling to learn this. I mean, we definitely don't want to find out until the baby is born in order to maintain some element of surprise, but it's still a very weird feeling to know that somebody knows!

So we started measuring body parts. Based on the way the baby was laying, the tech was able to see some structures more clearly than others. One by one, each anatomical feature was measured and labeled. Everything seemed to be measuring on target or just a few days behind. We counted fingers and toes, looked at the face and up the nostrils, and watched in amazement as Blobby moved around like crazy. She jiggled my belly a bit to get Blobby in various positions so we could get better views of various structures. My baby is weighing 12 ounces. Wow.

It was a fantastic visit. Until the tech finished measuring everything and called the Maternal-fetal specialist in to do her own measuring. That was when my worrying started. The last time we were there, it was she who confirmed the presence of the Choroid Plexus cyst and enlarged kidneys. The way she studies the screen with an ambiguous facial expression makes me worry because you can't tell if what she's seeing is good or bad.

The bottom line was that everything was measuring within tolerance. Some structures were measuring a few days behind, which can be due to technician variability. I watched the doctor as she clicked on the word "Normal" next to all but three structures. The diaphragm and lips were not coming in clearly enough to see definitively, but the doctor noted that she didn't see anything that would lead her to suspect any abnormalities. Plus, both kidneys were measuring normally and symmetrically, and the best news ever was that the Choroid Plexus cyst appears to be resolving. What a relief!

I will be returning in two weeks to get a better picture of the lips and diaphragm. I am eager to rule out cleft lip, which can be associated with many genetic disorders. Again, the doc did not see anything that would cause concern. And although the heart looked beautiful- four chambers and a normal heartrate, she suggested that we see the Fetal Echocardiologist just for peace of mind.

So, with all the good news we received on Friday, there was no reason to stay for an amnio. We left with smiles on our faces and beautiful photos of our baby.

With no amnio and no finding out the gender, some things about this pregnancy will remain a mystery. :-) We can't wait to find out for sure on the big day!

Edited to add on February 4, 2008:
I returned to the Maternal-Fetal specialist today so they could get a better view of those features that they couldn't see well the last time, the lips and the diaphragm. Blobby was in a completely different position today (head down, feet up by my belly button), and was being a little more cooperative, although the nose was angled right up into the placenta so it was initially difficult to get that view of the nose and lips. But we finally got them and everything looked perfectly normal! We even got a much better picture of the heart, which looked great. The u/s tech and doctor both commented on what a difference a week and a half made with respect to how those particular body parts were showing up.

They also commented on how Blobby has my facial profile. :-)

Next week, I will be seeing the Fetal Echocardiologist. I confirmed with the doctor that it's not because of anything she saw on the ultrasound; only that considering my age and high-risk status, she figured she'd have me cover all bases. My next ultrasound will be at 28 weeks. Normally, I wouldn't go until 32 weeks but again, being high-risk she wants me to come in earlier so they can monitor Blobby's growth. Fine with me. I love seeing that little munchkin on the screen. It is just so amazingly surreal that that 8-celled blastocyst we transfered back in September turned into our little Blobby with moving parts. I am completely in awe.


Baby Step said...

Look at those perfect little hands and feet! I am SO happy for you.

Lizzybo said...

Aw, such cute hands and feet! I'm so excited for you! I'm glad that things went well and am looking forward to news from your next u/s.

Karen said...

Oh my goodness, look at that little nose! How cute! I'm happy to hear that the u/s went well and the results eased your mind. I look forward to hearing more positive results in 2 weeks.

Babe* said...

Fabulous news!

I love looking at the sono pics. It amazes me how much detail blobby has.

Barb said...

YAY! Love the foot. :)


Blobby is so beautiful! It so amazing how far u/s pics have come- the detail is breathtaking- you will have to post 'before & after' pics :) I love the fingers and the toes- they are gorgeous! I am so happy that you are getting all the great news- I somehow knew that you would- I have had this little voice deep down telling me that all is going to be okay- don't know if it is my angels whispering to your sweet little one sharing secrets- old souls to a new one getting ready to enter this world- Just know that blobby is being watched over and entertained until it is time to come out and meet you. Can't wait to see more beautiful pics- keeping you all in my thoughts- sending you love and happy thoughts!

Daisy said...

I am so happy and relieved! Beautiful pics :D

Hummingbird said...

Oh, those are just the most precious pictures! What a cutie!